Content Marketing

If you have the best interest of your audience at heart, then you need a content marketing agency that knows how to communicate clearly and has integrated an efficient process for a fast ranking content implementation.

Unfortunately, many businesses would rather use spammy, low quality, or even duplicate content which ends up preventing them from making sales.


  • SEO content and metadata
  • Landing page copy
  • Blog posts, topics, and strategy
  • Social media content
  • Existing content optimizations
  • Email marketing and newsletters
  • Press releases

From experience, however, we understand that content development goes beyond the number of pages you have on your website.

Your audience will always prefer to share quality content. And you know one of the signs of a site’s authority is the shares their content get, that means Google will notice and your SEO will improve as a result.

Content not all about keyword stuffing. Every high quality content has four goals ultimately. It must either educate, persuade, entertain, or inform.

Content Column will help your company produce engaging content that will get you noticed in an otherwise cluttered and competitive environment.

We will distribute a good amount of content through targeted channels to increase your brand awareness and boost your company’s online exposure.

Content Marketing Agency

Content Assessment

Our highly efficient team will take an inventory and make an audit of your existing content to find out what should be removed and what can be improved on.

Then we make our assessment to determine which is your strongest content and how we can maximize it for further reach. If you have outdated content that needs to be updated, we work on that too.

Content Marketing Services

As a content marketing and SEO, Content Column offers premium content marketing services that will optimize your content both for your targeted audience and for search engines.

All of our content creators and copywriters are trained in Search Engine Optimization principles to improve your site’s on various search engines.

Creative Deployment

After that, we will create a content development calendar for your new content.

Whether it is text, graphics, infographics or video, we assign our team members your company’s key information so they can creatively produce content on a monthly basis. 

As our creative team is doing this Content Column’s experienced marketers will reach out to our network of industry-related influencers to circulate your content. We equally contact new channels of distribution that will benefit you.

Regular Reporting

Our campaigns don’t end with promotions. Our goal is to increase performance and deliver results over time. We design our solutions to understand how your customer relationships grow.

Content Column monitors the progress to assess which method is the most effective.

The key to successful content marketing is accurate tracking and measuring so you can see a return on investment (ROI).

As a content marketing firm, we invest in project management platforms that allow us these capabilities. We focus on realistic goals within that are geared towards profitability for your business.

Enterprise Consulting

If you can afford the energy and time it will take to put a plan of action in place for your business, Content Column provides consulting services to help you stay on track.

Our enterprise consulting package includes:

  • Content inventory list and audit of existing assets
  • Measured data and reporting every month
  • A dedicated SEO and digital marketing team on retainer for quality assurance and guidance

Types of Campaigns

When we are developing a stream of branded content, we use different vehicles to ensure that you get maximum exposure. These include the following but are not limited to:

  • Infographics and other visual content that can be more appealing for users who do not have time to read lengthy paragraphs of text.
  • Generate social proof through positive reviews or client testimonials. These also lend an emotional appeal to your brand.
  • How-to guides and free demos that enable your users to understand and interact with your products at a physical level.
  • Illustrate value and build authority through case studies and whitepapers.
  • Live and pre-recorded Q&A sessions clear up any confusion about your product or a topic surrounding your product.
  • Guest posting allows you to essentially exchange audiences with another brand. Choose an industry-related (but not competitive) company to share posts with.
  • Email marketing and newsletters feature company updates, news, and sneak peeks into exciting campaigns and future sales.


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